Colt is a buff new hottie! (Corbin Fisher)


Wow…Colt is such…a colt! Or something like that. Anyway, he’s super hot, and that big dick has a pretty unique shape to it! Yum! Colt is pretty much the whole package: cute in the face, hot body with pecstacular pecs and absmazing abs, etc., and of course that juicy sausage! Can’t wait to see more of Colt – enjoy his debut!

We’ve been filming guys for 11 years (we filmed guys for a whole year to build up some material before launching the site 10 years ago) and have had countless guys in front of our cameras. Even after all the incredibly hot men that have come through our doors, I still find myself weak in the knees with certain new ones, and Colt would be one of those!

After Pete and I spent a little time around Colt, we each found ourselves saying the same thing – it’s as if Cain and Reed had a baby! If a guy strikes us as a mix between those two, you know we’re off to a good start!

Colt is young, ripped, and hot as hell. You’ll also notice, right away, that he’s soft-spoken and quite friendly. His voice and demeanor have to be two of the sexiest things about him, and that’s saying quite a bit given how hot every other bit of him is!

He’s athletic, works out, and has a great body. When Pete asks him what his favorite part of his own body is, he sheepishly laughs and says, “My dick”. So, does his dick really stand out that much compared to the rest of that ripped body? It most definitely does!

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