Newbie Palmer fucks Quinn (Corbin Fisher)


Palmer is relatively new to Corbin Fisher and we are happy that he’s sticking around. Enjoy seeing this collegiate cutie fuck Quinn in his first hardcore scene.

After Palmer first appeared on the site, I got a number of e-mails from fans saying they’d seen a remarkable resemblance between him and Elijah. I hadn’t really noticed the resemblance at first but definitely see it now, and think it goes beyond just their looks to their personalities – Palmer is every bit as friendly and fun-loving. Let’s see if that resemblance carries through to how Palmer gets in to some hardcore action with another guy!

Palmer’s first appearance left no doubt this young stud had potential, and was up for all kinds of fun at CF. It’s clear he doesn’t deny himself any opportunity for a good time, whether it’s with girls or guys. He takes to things like a natural every chance he gets, and looks just as hot sucking Quinn’s cock as he does fucking Quinn’s ass.

Quinn’s a great guy to pair up with the new ones – we can use his reactions, his moans and his body language to give us a good idea of just how a guy can fuck and how they can put their dick to work. Based on how Palmer has Quinn writhing around in pleasure here, Palmer definitely knows what he’s doing! Personally, I think Palmer still found the thought of doing all of this in front of our cameras a bit unnerving, and you can even spot his nerves at times. But those quickly go out the window the more he gets used to drilling Quinn’s hole, and he can’t help but get totally consumed by how great everything feels!

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