Percy jacks off (Chaos Men)


Percy is a cute and sexy bi boy who seems a bit inexperienced, but really eager to try things out! I think his cock shares that sentiment, too! And boy can this fit, cute blondie shoot a load! Enjoy Percy’s first solo scene!

Percy is ready to go!

He identifies as bi, but it sounds like he hasn’t done too much with a guy. His favorite with a girl is to 69, and that is all he has done with a guy.

He is a horny boy, jerking-off a lot each day. He held out one day for us and when I say the words ‘jack-off’ during his interview, his hand instinctively goes for his cock. Let’s get started already!

Percy’s pubes are completely natural. He likes them that way, and when I mentioned how they trap that little bit of musk, he smiled knowingly. I think we have an orally fixated dude who likes the way both guys and girls smell.

His pants slide ride off, and his cock already has a chub, ready to come and play.
Clearly he is not shy about showing-off his ass, as he bends over during the strip tease to show-off his hole.

Percy gets into his groove quickly and even does some really nice ass-showcasing while jerking-off. Given the amount of ass play, I would think he might be keen on trying to have someone stick their cock in there, but he seems eager to top, rather than bottom.  It will be interesting to see if this video is a mixed-message, or just a taste of things to come.

He slow strokes for us too, allowing us to take full-measure of his cock.   He speeds it up dramatically for his cumshot, and his load catches some major air!

Percy is a hot guy, ready to get started playing with the guys!

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