Doug Acre gives student Casey Tanner a very thorough lesson. (Helix Studios and 8teenboy)


If I ever had such a sexy teacher as Doug Acre, I would definitely make a move on him. Casey tempts Doug with his sexy bubble butt and adorable gaze. Casey proves that he’s an amazing cocksucker as he deep throats Doug’s huge 9.5 inch cock. Doug gives Casey a very intimate lesson into the art of fucking a twink’s ass. Casey ends up with a huge cum bath all over his twinkie body.

Now that Ryker Madison and Doug Acre are being blackmailed by Evan Parker and Casey Tanner the lovers are willing to do anything and everything in their power to keep their relationship secret. After class Casey walks in on Doug while he is grading papers with only one thing on his mind and that’s to find out how good of a fucker Doug is. Without having much of a choice, Doug does what Casey desires which is to get fucked hard by the Professor’s 9.5 inch dick. Doug takes a lot of pleasure pounding his teen student’s tight hole, making Casey cum all over himself. Doug finishes fucking Casey and shoots his own hot load on the schoolboy’s smooth body.

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