Tim fucks Chris (Active Duty)


New boy Chris is a cutie with a big dick, so maybe one day we’ll see him top…but for now, he’s bottoming for muscle stud Tim! I feel like it’s rare to get a military stud who wants to bottom first rather than top, but as we all know, it does happen! Enjoy watching Tim fuck Chris!

This scene is our introduction on Active Duty to Mike’s mysterious recruit Chris, who bottoms in what to us appears as his debut scene! We know that the Chris is 23 years old, stands 5’9″ and weighs about 160 lbs. He’s a midwestern boy, and has got a corn cob-sized cock between his legs. Not only did he film an as yet unreleased solo with Mike, but we also learn that Chris tested the waters with a hard core scene that he wouldn’t let Mike film!

Once in bed with shredded fan favorite Tim, it doesn’t take long before the guys are taking turns going down. When the moment is right, Chris gets up on his knees and lets Tim enter him from behind bareback. Chris is moaning and groaning something fierce while grabbing at the sheets and holding on for dear life as Tim pounds him raw. Mike gets in close with the camera, getting some really good close-up shots of Tim’s big rod sliding in and out of Chris’ hole. Hell, you may just want to listen to the audio track of the video. It’s like aural sex! Tim pounds away for a long time before he just can’t take it anymore and explodes all over Chris’ back. Then Tim helps Chris finish. Afterward, Mike asks Chris if he thinks Tim has a nice body, and Chris laughs, saying how “it’s almost not fair!” Ain’t that the truth!

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