Jaxon Radoc and Louis Blakeson flip flop (Staxus)


Oh sexy school twinks, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of such a fantasy! Especially not when said twinks are as fit, cute, and bulgingly hung as Jaxon Radoc and Louis Blakeson! Enjoy watching these horny boys break the rules and have some flip flop fun!

Everyone knows that school is meant to be all about studying hard for exams with a view to getting the best qualifications possible in preparation for the adult world outside. But, as Jaxon Radoc and Louis Blakeson are clearly only too keen to demonstrate in this horny episode, sometimes it’s good to step away from the demands of academia in order to simply enjoy being young – which in the case of these dirty-minded youths means stripping out of uniform and savouring a hardcore session of wanton fellatio and sodomy – subjects that are unlikely to be found on even the most liberal-minded school’s syllabus!

Not that either the blond-haired beauty, Radoc, or his Brit-boy counterpart, Blakeson, appear in need of tuition where sex is concerned – in fact, given the ease with which they both clearly enjoy cock-sucking at the start of proceedings it’s pretty obvious that neither fellow is a novice.

That, of course, should hardly surprise given the proportions of dick on show here – both boys have decently hefty weapons in their arsenal – and of course Radoc is already a well-established STAXUS favourite, whose CV reads like that of a well-worn pro. But the fresh-faced enthusiasm of this pairing never ceases to impress; and by the time Blakeson is finally thrusting his engorged ramrod into his Aussie mate’s ass over a desk you’re gonna be very firmly won over. Add on a flip-flop turn-round – Blakeson’s pucker getting a rigorous pounding in return – and a terrific multi-shot climax from Radoc all over Blakeson’s face, and you have all the makings of a classic!

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