Jonas fucks Alec (Chaos Men)


Hmm, sexy “straight” boys Alec and Jonas sure are hot together! After reading the description below, I continue to believe that the boys who say they are most against bottoming or who seem most afraid of it are really the biggest bottoms! It’s because they’re afraid they might like it! Alec certainly does, and if promises hold up we’ll get to see his massive dick pummeling a hot ass next! Enjoy watching Jonas plow Alec!

There is just no guessing what these guys will be down for their first time filming.

Based on Alec’s solo, I thought for sure he would bottom. Then his Serviced video happened, and he talked more about topping and a little fearful of any ass play.  So when he said he was down for more, and he would try bottoming to start, I was actually surprised.

A few of you wrote in that you were eager to see his massive cock in a dude’s ass, and I am sure that will happen soon. Alec was just not sure he could stay hard long enough to top.

I asked him if his girl plays with his ass, and he said “No” quite emphatically. Other than his own finger, that was about it. I got online, found the vibrating butt-plugs I like, sent a couple toys to him to test out.  He said that they fit fine, didn’t hurt, he stayed hard, and they made him cum!

So we were off to a good start!

As for Jonas, he is now in the game fully, except bottoming. But rimming, fucking, sucking cock. He now acts like a pro and can take charge with a newbie.

I start them off simple with the side-by-side jack-off, and Jonas looks eager to suck on Alec’s fat dick.  He gets his cock fully hard, and I do believe Alec was impressed.

On the other hand, I don’t think Jonas was impressed with Alec’s oral skills.  Truly a first timer, and Jonas a couple times looks as if he is trying to scoot away from the tooth scrape.  It certainly is a believable “first time!”

Now when it comes to the bottoming, that seems a little more unbelievable.

Wow! Alec really handles Jonas’s cock like a pro. It helped that Jonas rimmed him, getting him in the mood to have something inserted. Usually we have a few false starts, but in it went, a little anguish on Alec’s face, and boom, he was in the zone getting pounded for 10 minutes straight.

His cock stays hard the entire time! The dude REALLY liked getting fucked!  I think this turned Jonas on too. Having someone so aroused from his cock made him all the more diligent in pleasing his partner.

Alec cums from Jonas fucking him. Nooooo problem! Jonas has the juicing down to a science.  Not a lot of intimacy in this one. That’s a harder one for the guys to tackle, but its a solid first time video, with a bottom boy being born.

Except now that Alec is a lot more confident, he wants to top his next video. But I am pretty sure he will bottom the next one as he has a large cock and I will  have to find the right guy.

As for Jonas, gonna put him in PURE video to see if we can work on the sensual energy and intimacy. It’s in him. We just have to draw it out of him.

This is a great video with two really hot guys!

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