Jacobey London fucks Chris Jett (Lollipop Twinks)


Who knew cute twinks could also be private investigators? Well, besides the double entendre, that is. It seems like PI Jacobey London’s favorite method for tracking down clues is to search up cute boys’ bubble butts with his cock! Whatever works for you, Jacobey! Enjoy watching Jacobey fuck fellow cute twink Chris Jett!

To get his investigation rolling, private investigator Jacobey London visits the victim and his former lover in the hospital. As he looks at a battered Danny, Jacobey thinks back on their turbulent relationship, including the heated affair that ended it. While working another case, Jacobey hooked up with Chris Jett and the sex was hot enough he still hasn’t forgotten about it. The two started by 69-ing, sucking down each other’s cocks, before Chris is hungry for more. Jacobey fucks his tight ass hard until they’re both breathing hard and desperate, blowing their loads all over Chris’ toned stomach. Jacobey gets a lead in the case when, having shaken off the memories, he discovers the card for a sex club in Danny’s personal effects.

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