Boris Orla and James Stone fuck Kris Wallace (Staxus)


Aww, I want to have fun with these three army boys! Boris Orla, James Stone, and Kris Wallace are all hot, horny, and hung, with my favorite body parts – pecstacular pecs, absmazing abs, and bulging bigceps – making several appearances each! Kris is the lucky boy who gets to play with Boris and James, or rather, who gets them to play with him as their own personal sex toy! Enjoy watching James and Boris pound Kris!

It’s a tradition, of course, that young recruits have to go through some kind of initiation, and when the recruit in question is as fucking gorgeous as young James Stone it’s only right and proper that it involves taking off your clothes and getting intimate with each other! Which is good news for Boris Orla and Kris Wallace, of course – and even better news for our band of hot, horny fans, who we know from past experience love nothing better than watching some sweet-faced innocent getting dirty with past masters.

Not that the youngster gives any impression of being new to the game when presented with Wallace’s dick to play with. Rather he immediately begins to gobble on all that prime Polish meat like a would-be pro – a move that clearly encourages ring-leader Orla, as the trio abandon their drink for the kind of hard-hitting cock-worship that our guys have long-since been renowned for. For Wallace, however, it’s not long before all that exposure to hard, rampant meat is bringing the inner bitch to the fore, as he presents his ass-hole to his army buddies in the hope they’ll make their mark.

Needless to say, it’s a move that doesn’t fail to encourage Stone and Orla, who are soon rimming and fingering that damn fine rosebud for all it’s worth; before proceeding to give Wallace exactly what he wanted from the start, namely a spit-roasting extravaganza that’ll have you jerking off for sure. It certainly has the desired effect on this dirty-minded threesome, with all three lads eagerly working out fine loads of pent-up jizz from their handsome, uncut knob-heads!

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