Straight cutie Byron blows a load after precumming a lot! (Chaos Men)


This 22-year old is earning some money for a baby that is on the way. He plays with his cock and precums a lot (he competes with my bf for leaking a lot). Hopefully we’ll see more of Byron at Chaos Men soon. Enjoy watching straight cutie Byron jerk a load at Chaos Men.

Byron is a cute guy with pretty green eyes. He is married, has a couple kids, and one more on the way! He says he loves to cum inside here, and well I can’t blame him.

He has a pretty decent job, but needs to get some money buffered up for the baby on the way. His wife, who seems to be quite pragmatic, suggested he do some porn, specifically  gay porn, just too jealous for him to do straight porn.

It took a couple tries to get him out to the studio. His job keeps him busy and our schedules finally synced up.

His pubes are always natural. He has shaved them on occasion, but his wife like’s them that way, and with a growing family, his focus is more on them than self-grooming.  I bring this up because unlike other 22-year-olds, he showed-up with very little clothing options. Kids come first, and I was tempted to get him a gift card for some box discount clothing stores. Very sweet and cute hear his priorities, but the guy doesn’t even have a coat!

Tough kid. Likes construction and sports. Seems like happy and grounded guy.

As for his body, his cock constantly leaks pre-cum, so if you like a gooey cock, this guy showcases it!

Most of it leaked out during the photos, but he shows it off during the video too. It was a preview of his awesome cum shot!

He is down for getting head, and perhaps more, but I think it is baby steps with this one. His wive is more eager than he is!

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