Trevor is a Southern cutie (Southern Strokes)


Aww, check out Trevor! He’s a Southern cutie with bright blue eyes, a hot, smooth body, and a thick cock! And he’s only just turned 18 – yum! Enjoy watching Trevor celebrate by blowing a nice load all over his sexy tummy!

What do 18 year old small town country boys do when they have fucked all the locals? They go on to social media and find them self a trick and fuck like rabbits. Trevor shares everything you ever wanted to know and more about fucking in the country.

Trevor is the face of what gay looks like in a small Southern town. Trevor reached out to us the day he turned 18 and we had him out for a a little fun in our downtown Atlanta studio one afternoon.

Trevor walked in and I could tell by the look on his face that this was going to be everything he had fantasized about and maybe even more. Trevor loved being the center of attention and he turned it on and never turned it off.

He took off his shirt and surprised us with a nice defined chest and nice set of abs. He is naturally smooth except for a little hair in the crack of his ass and surrounding his ball sack. Trevor laid out on the chair giving us full views of all of him and from every angle. He laid upside down and draped his head over the chair and shot a stream of thick cum all over his tan stomach.

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