Billy Rubens fucks Mickey Taylor (Staxus)


Billy Rubens and Mickey Taylor are two fit, sexy, punky boys with nothing better to do, so naturally their horniness gets the better of them and they decide to mess around! Their experimentation leads not only to sucking on each other’s big dicks, but to bareback fucking! Enjoy watching boyish stud Billy fuck Mickey!

We’ll leave you to decide whether the transformation of Billy Rubens into a skater-lad is entirely credible, but the fact remains that he’s one hell of a sexy little fucker who lightens up any scene he happens to be in – in this instance with ink-boy STAXUS exclusive, Mickey Taylor. What’s more, having resisted the urge to go au-natural up until this point, Rubens finally gives in to the inevitable and ditches the rubbers in return for extra kudos from his burgeoning legion of fans.

Don’t get the impression that this scene is a mere one-on-one fuck and nothing more, however. Having hit the sofa together, Taylor and Rubens engage in a fabulous session of foot and sock worship, which will appeal to anyone who loves their action to have a little bit of kink. Only having then progressed to some beautifully filmed rimming do the two fellows finally get to the main act of primeval rutting, with Rubens sticking his obscenely raw shaft deep into Taylor’s rump to give the young punk the fuck of his life. What follows is a stupendously filthy act of fornication that’ll unquestionably have you reaching for the zipper in order to tug on the old bishop; with Taylor manfully taking every single inch of unprotected flesh up his man-hole for your entertainment.

Given his level of excitement, it’s little wonder that the bottle-blond bottom eventually knocks out quite a wad of spunk; before his pleasure is completed by Rubens jerking off all over his face, whitewashing his smooth, boyish features in the process. If that doesn’t do it for you, guys, then we really have absolutely no idea what will!

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