Tommy Lee gets fucked by Will Sims (Staxus)


Tommy Lee and Will Sims are both fit, dark-haired cuties with great sets of absmazing abs and two thick dicks that are ready for some action! Unfortunately, they’re in the army, so it’s difficult to find the time, or in Will’s case, the women! Fortunately however, Will doesn’t mind his friend Tommy working on his cock a bit! Soon that’s not enough for Will though, and he moves on to pounding Tommy’s tight ass! Enjoy the scene!

There’s little hope of privacy in the army, so it’s perhaps quite normal for young soldiers to spend their free time openly wanking off to porn. After all, all that pent-up testosterone has to find an outlet somehow! As such, Tommy Lee doesn’t appear to show the slightest hint of surprise when he stumbles upon Will Sims sat on his bed looking at a magazine filled to the brim with naked girls. In fact, Lee’s response is as cool as anything you’re likely to ever witness, jumping beside his buddy and promptly manhandling Sims’s dick in a bid to help in the relief effort!

It’s an offer that you might think a lad like Sims would refuse given his clear preference here for girls, but in a world where females are very much a rarity it’s perhaps little surprise that the lad immediately returns the advance by allowing Lee to work his magic on his dark, aching shaft. What’s more, it’s not long before the fellow is responding in kind, heroically slurping on Lee’s dick and (in the process) getting his buddy very much in the mood for something harder.

As such, it’s no real surprise to anyone when Sims turns his attention away from Lee’s cock to his ass, culminating in him thrusting every inch of dick that he can muster deep into the lad’s raw hole. What follows is a terrific, ball-bustin’ set-piece that’ll appeal to anyone who loves man-on-man sex in the military, which eventually culminates in both guys lying side-by-side in order to jerk out a couple of healthy loads of baby-goo! Your spunky satisfaction is guaranteed!

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