Kris Wallace gives Yuri Adamov a nice flip-flop introduction! (Staxus)


Yuri Adamov is a new face around Staxus and Kris Wallace gets to welcome this Russian twink properly. Enjoy watching Kris pounding Yuri until these two flip-flop and Kris rides Yuri nice cock.

Kris Wallace has long-since established himself as one of the most popular models in the STAXUS stable, thanks to his almost unparalleled combination of good looks, handsome cock and seemingly limitless libido. But now it seems the young Polish lad has a rival on his hands in the form of Russian boy-babe, Yuri Adamov – an equally dashing Eastern fuck-fiend, whose love for dick is clearly almost as insatiable as anyone you’re ever likely to come across.

Puns aside, however, this is a terrific set-piece that’ll appeal to any of you who love their lads to be fresh-faced, smooth and full of spunk – in other words, pretty much about everyone! Indeed, we defy even the staunchest celibate not to be won over by these two dark-haired beauties as they take turns to slurp on each other’s cocks and then to top-and-tail each other for yet more fellatio and some rather enthusiastic rimming. But all this fun, of course, is merely an appetiser for the main course of action: a flip-flop fuck, which sees Wallace ride Adamov’s knob cowboy-style, before the two lads reverse positions and Wallace bangs his new buddy’s ass to return the favour.

No question about it, these two guys are really into each other big-style; and there’s absolutely no doubt in our minds that there’ll be whole legion of fans working out their wrist moves whilst appreciating the performance. Needless to say, both fellows squirt out superb wads of their own to call it a wrap – Adamov whilst being fucked, and Wallace moments later when he ruptures his balls all over his colleague’s angelic face!

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