Paul Walker’s sexy interview (Staxus)


It’s always good to know more about the people you’re watching have sex! Paul Walker, dressed like a sexy military stud but lounging in a floral living room, is ready to get up close and personal. Enjoy watching Paul’s interview/jack-off scene!

Any porn star interview is a decidedly acquired taste, of course – you either enjoy getting to know the real person behind the performance or you don’t – but even the most negative viewer surely cannot fail to be impressed by the performance of Paul Walker in this question-and-answer / jack-off session hosted by STAXUS director, Michael Burling. Arguably the real surprise of this horny little vignette for many of our viewers won’t be the fact that Walker is one of the hottest guys on the scene right now – that’s pretty much taken as read – but the fact that this is a fellow who dispels every myth that exists about those who have sex for the camera.

Stupid? Not by a long chalk. Inarticulate? Fuck, by no means! Instead, Walker comes across as an incredibly genuine straight guy who happens to have crossed over into the world of gay porn and who is actually finding it much more fun and rewarding than he first envisaged. Is he a mixed up bisexual who can’t get his head around his true sexuality? Well, the jury’s definitely out on that one.

What we can say with absolute certainty, however, is that this is one young man you’re just gonna fall head-over-heels for – most notably when he eventually pulls off his uniform and begins to work that thick, cut shaft of his for your entertainment. Cue a fabulous jerk-off session that’ll almost certainly get the blood rushing to all the right places and which will unquestionable result in appreciative (and copious) quantities of jizz!

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