Cal shoots a huge load (Island Studs)


Cal is definitely an Island Stud! Sexy accent, tall, blond, fit, and hung – he’s got it all. Enjoy watching him shoot a huge load out of his big dick and all over his abs!

Cal is a sexy young blue eyed 18 year old high school surfer from Honolulu, who repairs air conditioners for his family’s business in Hawaii. Next time you are in Honolulu and your aircon goes out, call on Cal to come over and fix it! At only 18, standing 6′ and weighting 175, Cal is a surf tank with a long dong and heavy low hanging nuts, and that CLASSIC California surfer boy look! This nudist surfer is friendly, polite, self assured and at times very talkative during this EXCLUSIVE video shoot for Island Studs. When Cal’s surf shorts come off he exposes his thick white ass and those LOW HANGING BALLS. This horny blue collar worker has a ROCK HARD cock that slaps against his smooth belly for most of the entire video. Watch Cal clean the swimming pool fully naked with a HARD DICK! We get to see his dick and balls dangle between his white ass cheeks as he works! We even see Cal take a piss on the lawn! Piss lovers, Cal takes 2 long pisses in this film. Can you guess where the second pee scene is shot: indoors or out? After his sexy work, Cal gets in the pool to cool off and lay out on a raft in the sun. Cal immediately starts to pull on his juicy cock and PLAY with his BALLS & ASS while floating in the pool! Wow! However, once he flips over to tan his hairy white ass, Cal really loosens up. He easily opens his big thick ass cheeks and spreads them wide for a nice photo shoot of his sexy MAN BOOTY! There is NOTHING sexier then watching Cal open and close his hairy ass cheeks for us! He knows how to put on a good show and gives us to what we want! Included here are some very intimate moments and extended scenes of Cal jerking off while looking directly into the camera. Cal really takes his time in this film – playfully jerking his thick meat and stroking his big balls! Watch as the camera captures extreme closeups of this straight hunk pleasing himself and his big dick. Watch him manhandle his balls like a pro! Cal’s whole body tightens as he gets closer to exploding, finally spraying a thick load of cum ALL over his chest and belly! Cal moans in ecstasy when he finally busts a nut! “I shoot a pretty BIG LOAD,” Cal says with a smile as he points to all the cum dripping off him. When Cal stands to go take a shower, cum continues to drip out of his swollen cock! To clean up, Cal takes a sexy shower. Watch this sexy surfer clean out his hairy boy hole with soap and water! We are happy Cal is working and living on the Islands! And we are pleased so much fluid’s comes out of Cal’s long dong!

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