Evan Parker fucks Ian Levine (Helix Studios)


Uh oh, Evan Parker is cheating on Alex Jordan! But can you really blame him? When you’re that hot, and you have that many hot exes like Ian Levine, how can you not fool around? Even if it’s naughty, it sure is hot! Enjoy watching Ian ride Evan, followed by Evan drilling Ian!

It’s a dreary day for Evan Parker as he takes a walk in the rain to reflect on his faltering relationship with starving-artist boyfriend Alex Jordan. Evan is the pragmatic one in the relationship and has lost patience being the de-facto patron for Alex while he works on his art. As Evan wanders the cold city streets contemplating the breakup he runs into a flirty old flame, Ian Levine. It doesn’t take long for the ex-lovers to warm up to each other but after their fling Evan is left facing that same lingering question: So what happens now?

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