Joey Lafontaine buys a dildo (Videoboys)


Joey Lafontaine is back, and he’s looking sexier than ever! Nice muscles, Joey! This hung, straight twink recognizes the fact that straight guys can feel anal pleasure too, so he decides to go out and buy a nice dildo to share with all of us! Enjoy watching Joey use his new toy!

Sure Joey Lafontaine has a girlfriend and there can be no denying that he’s attracted to girls. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t find the occasional guy attractive. And more to the point, as he clearly states, he needs some penis sometimes. And Joey’s penis longings are not simply for aesthetic reasons. A nice hard dick has a more practical purpose: ass stimulation. So after more than four months of girl-boy sex, Joey was in desperate need of some prostate play. So he went to the local sex shop and picked up his ideal dildo and brought it over to show us just how he does it. And let me promise you, Joey knows how to use every inch of that dildo.

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