Bobby is back! (Island Studs)


One of our most popular posts, Bobby, is back – and he’s ready for some more outdoor fun! Enjoy watching this sexy Marine stud get all wet!

Bobby, the 19 year old All-American North Dakota country boy, is back with his furry young boy bubble butt and juicy cock dangling between his hairy athletic thighs as he works fully naked outside in this EXCLUSIVE video from Island Studs! This active duty Marine stationed on Oahu is just 5’7″ and sports a smooth tight 140 lbs of ripped muscle. Bobby is so comfortable naked in front of the camera showing off his sexy Swedish / Native American high school wrestler body for us all to see! If you saw Bobby’s first nudist video where he cooks in the kitchen fully nude, you will love watching him scrub a deck fully naked with an ERECTION in the hot Hawaiian sun. Feast your eyes on nudist Bobby’s beautiful ripped boy body, scrubbing the outdoor deck totally naked exposing his furry ass and man hole as he works. Listen to him joke about how he would be doing a lot of deck scrubbing if he joined the Navy instead of the Marines! Check out the moment he slides his ROCK HARD cock and ball sack between his ass cheeks as he kneels on the deck exposing his hairy man hole for the cameras! With his naked work completed, Bobby sits down on an orange sofa outside and begins to jerk off. Marine Bobby really enjoys playing with his nuts and stroking his young military DICK while he masturbates. Watch as this smooth stud raises his furry legs onto the sofa exposing his super hairy butt hole as the jerks off! What a great view of his furry boy butt and hole! Bobby smiles and moans as he shoots thick white boy juice all over his hands and smooth ripped abs. Bobby’s hot soapy outdoor shower scene is NOT TO BE MISSED. Watch as he playfully lathers up his furry legs and ass crack with soap! He opens his hairy ass cheeks and cleans out his fine manhole in the shower. Bobby is our favorite new Marine on Island Studs! “Chicks LOVE my ASS!” Bobby says with a big country boy smile! Ass lovers, Bobby is for you! This friendly, ripped, 19 year old new recruit is so fun to watch!

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