Dorm room fun with Louis Blakeson, Tom Nutt and Jaxon Radoc (Staxus)


What happens when you put three cute boys in one dorm room? Of course, they take of their horny urges. Louis Blakeson, Tom Nutt and Jaxon Radoc all take turns topping each other in this hella hot dorm room romp.

It’d be fair to say that young Tom Nutt loves nothing better in an evening than to put his pajamas on and snuggle up in bed with a nice magazine. Unless, of course, there’s the prospect of a little physical companionship in the dormitory – in which instance you can rest assured that the pajamas and the magazine are promptly abandoned, as is the case here when Louis Blakeson arrives in the room.

Who knows whether the said visitor’s intentions are innocent or not. What we can assure you is that it’s not many seconds before Nutt’s hanging off his mate’s impressive dick and giving it a thorough oral examination. What’s more, the situation only gains intensity when Jaxon Radoc arrives – still in his uniform and looking as fucking gorgeous as ever! Suffice it to report that it’s no time at all before the entire trio is devoid of clothes and sucking cock like a gang of hyper-sexed monkeys. A performance that gets turned up a further notch once the serial-fucking begins. First Radoc rides Blakeson, then Blakeson fucks Nutt, then Radoc bangs Nutt, then Nutt screws Radoc … you get the idea, we’re sure.

In short, it’s a entire chronicle of the hottest boy-on-boy sex you can imagine; and it’s little wonder that all three lads are soon brimming on the edge of a stupendous climax. Most notable of which surely has to be the explosion that erupts from Nutt’s over-engorged shaft, spurting across the entire length of the bed! Life in a school dormitory has rarely (if ever) looked so fucking appealing!

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