Jayden fucks Skyler (Southern Strokes)


Mmm, two smooth, fit twinks with big dicks out in the summer sun. Swimming around and flapping their cocks around…yep, that’s nice. Enjoy watching Jayden and Skyler relax by the pool (in the form of a hot fuck, of course)!

A couple of southern twinkie boys fucking out by the pool on a hot Georgia summer day is exact what I had in mind when I invited skyler and Jayden over to hang out. The boys were hard in their board shorts so I decided to grab the cameras and let them go to town. 

Skyler is a nasty bottom and we all know how dirty Jayden can be. The boys started out with some deep ass eating get Skyler’s hole nice and ready for Jayden’s big ole cock.

Skyler got on his back and put his legs up in the air and let Jayden have control over every part of him. Skyler couldn’t get it deep enough and he moaned in unison with every ball slap on his thrashed hole. Jayden’s balls tightened with every thrust as his nut sack fille with cum.

Skyler got his hole wounded all over my pool deck before he took Jayden’s load all over his freshly raped ass. When they were finished, Skyler gave Jayden a long kiss and and then they started all over again.

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