Shea and Tito flip flop (Active Duty)


Shea is a new muscle stud at Active Duty, and it’s time for him to get broken in! It’s a complete crash course for Shea, with him getting fucked first by Tito and followed by him fucking Tito! Enjoy the scene!

“We got a newbie,” Active Duty director Kaden Saylor says, as they start their brand new scene with Tito and Shea. This is Shea’s debut, but they didn’t waste any time getting this hot new recruit into the mix. He’s a little nervous, but Tito helps him get going and before we know it the guys are groping stripping, sucking and even do a little 69 before deciding it’s time to move on to the action.

Tito is up first, and he takes his place behind Shea and pounds him hard while grabbing onto Shea’s hips, slapping his rear, and grunting all the way. “Like it? Huh?!” Tito barks at Shea, who can mostly only groan appreciative moans in response.

Soon, it’s time for Tito to get his fill, so to speak, of Shea’s rod up inside him. Shea mans Tito’s rump and starts railing him. The guys change positions so that Tito is sitting on Shea and riding him like a cowboy at the rodeo. Yee haw! Shea exclaims, “Ride that!” You’re gonna’ have to watch the scene yourself to see how it ends, but it’s safe to say that Shea’s first time was a success!

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