Trey’s hot solo (Southern Strokes)


Wow…Trey is a cutie with great hair, an awesome body, and a big dick that’s ready to be shown off! Delicious! Oh, and it seems that this southern boy has taken a liking to a certain anal toy – should be fun! Enjoy watching Trey pump one out!

Trey is a 20 year old Southerner from Alabama. For those of you that are familiar with the South or if you have spent any real time in the South then you will know about boys from Alabama. Trey is no exception…lets just leave it at that. 

Trey drove all the way up to the lake house with major anticipation to get in front of the cameras and show off his tall twinky body. Trey got himself in his slow and sensual mode as he seductively peeled off his jeans and shirt.

Trey took out his cock which was standing at full attention and throbbing with every heart beat. Trey lubed up his hard cock and he made sure to save some from his pretty pink hole. Trey’s finger probed his hole and got hit ready for more.

Trey wanted more than his finger in his hole so we found a toy to his liking and let him take what he wanted. Seemed that Trey wanted it all as our toy disappeared into his hole leaving only room to shake out a think load of bama cum.

Click here now to check out the full scene at Southern Strokes.

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