Chase Evans fucks Jonny Castle (Staxus)


Chase Evans and Jonny Castle are busy being cute boys in bow-ties when out pop their cocks! Now how could that happen? And oh my, is Chase’s cock a thick one! Enjoy watching Chase plow fellow fit twink Jonny!

It’s hard not to get the impression that fresh-faced twink, Chase Evans, is like a lamb to the slaughter in the opening moments of this terrific twosome with the ever-ferocious Jonny Castle – a young fellow who never stands the slightest chance of resisting the wanton, in-your-face temptations that his horny mate lays blatantly in his path. But whilst it would be obvious even to a blind man that it’s Castle who does all the initial running when the two fellows first meet, including lying prostrate on his bed and indulging in a none-too-discrete display of availability before pouncing on Evans’s dick and almost sucking the life out of it there and then, it’s not too long before the youngster is giving just as much as he’s getting in this encounter.

Much to Castle’s clear delight, it has to be said. Far from being the sexual predator, the lad’s rampant display is quickly revealed to be nothing more than an aid to him getting exactly what he wants – namely Evans’s meaty, uncut cock rammed to the hilt up his ass! As such, the second half of this encounter has a decidedly different feel, with Evans now very much in control of the situation and Castle very much the dominated party.

Cue a ball-bustin’ display of rampant copulation from these two dirty fuckers, with Castle riding raw cock like his very existence and depended on it and Evans only too eager to oblige. No feckin’ wonder that both guys are soon dumping geyser-like sprays of jizz – a fitting finale to their five-star cum-inducing performance!

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