Louis Blakeson fucks Lucius York (Staxus)


Stylishly nerdy twinks with big dicks and big hair? Yes please! Louis Blakeson is thickly hung and ready to fuck – not a very common thought when considering nerdy boys! His gaming buddy Lucius York is happy to accommodate his massive joystick in any way possible! Enjoy watching Louis plow Lucius!

Unfortunately we’re unlikely to ever discover just how cute Lucius York actually is in the photo that Louis Blakeson takes of him at the start of this encounter – sadly, we never actually get to see it – but one thing we all get to appreciate early on is just what a terrific cock-sucker this blond-haired beauty can be! No half-measured fellatio from this boy, that’s for sure.

Faced with the sight of his buddy’s swollen dick, he’s soon giving the said shaft a very rigorous workout – not just with his lips (as is too often the case in porn) but with the entire depth of his young, teenage mouth! The result is a fabulous display of deep-throating that we defy anyone not to be impressed by, as he quite literally slurps on the full length of Blakeson’s knob without so much as a hint of a gag! Clearly not wishing to be outdone, however, it’s no time at all before the roles have been reversed and Blakeson is feasting on his buddy’s cock with an equally dextrous throat.

All the same, it’s arguably York who wins on points in terms of overall performance; and the fact that the lad’s ass-hole is soon accommodating his mate’s dick with much the same gusto only underlines the boy’s position as the all-too-superior bitch! In short, the horny little bottom really does give the performance of his life here, and we doubt there’ll be many who can resist yanking out a wad in appreciation. Especially when they see the young geek enjoying the fruits of all his hard-fought labours – a sticky, creamy facial!

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