Enrico Sanchez teases Dimitry Borodin and Chester Pool. (Sweet and Raw)


Enrico Sanchez is such a tease!¬†While showering in an poolside shower, he plays with his cock and rubs his nice body all in plain site of his swimming buddies Dimitry Borodin and Chester Pool. These two lads can’t take much of the teasing and are sucking on each other’s cocks before you know it. Dimitry wants more and gets his hole filled by Chester’s thick cock. Enrico is now really horned up and wants more so he mounts Chester. These three cuties¬†continue their train fuck until Chester decides to ride Enrico’s cock. There is certainly a lot of cum flying at the end of this bareback fuck.

Dimitry Borodin and Chester Pool are having a swim, watching Enrico Sanchez tease them as he showers and jerks off. Soon they join Enrico in the shower and the three of them take turns showing off their oral talents; 1-on-1, while the other watches, then 2-on-1. These slender young men know how to share and there’s enough big, uncut dick to go around! Dimitry gets his pretty ass rimmed and his hole stretched by Chester’s thick cock while sucking Enrico. Then Enrico gets behind Chester and penetrates him balls-deep. With Chester now in the center, a hot bareback sandwich ensues until Chester decides to ride Enrico. Straddling the big cock, he bounces up and down as Enrico sucks Dimitri. Chester lets loose with a load then Enrico cums all over his hole while Dimitri sprays all over the side of Enrico’s neck and chest. This twink bareback scene is newly remastered in HD for maximum enjoyment, and is now tablet friendly!

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