College hottie Kent drills cutie Zane (Corbin Fisher)


Kent is one of those veteran studs at Corbin Fisher than you can never get tired of seeing. Zane also agrees. This cute collegiate stud enjoys getting fucked hard by Kent in this hella hot scene!

Zane’s introductory solo and his first appearance on ACS confirmed two things – he’s hot as hell, and needed to get fucked for us.  In an ACS twist, Zane spent some quality time ass-up in bed as he got his hole fucked by a big dildo.  There’s no substitute for the real thing, though, and Kent proves that here.

Beyond his tight, smooth body, Zane has an incredibly hot face.  He has this all-American look that we love here, and his expressions when feeling good and getting off are great.  We saw those expressions – mouth open and moaning, eyes showing surprise and intensity – in his first couple of episodes here but are seeing them to a whole new degree as Kent goes to town on his ass.

With a bottom’s hard cock and the load they shoot always being good indicators of just how great they’re feeling when in action, Zane makes it clear he could not get enough of Kent’s cock drilling his hole.  He’s hard throughout, and when he blows his load it just doesn’t stop coming!  As appreciative as he was of the incredible fuck Kent unleashed on his hole, Zane just had to hungrily eat up Kent’s load.

Don’t miss the hot video preview below! Click here to jump there now!

Click here now to check out the full scene at Corbin Fisher.

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