Buff Tom pounds young Colt. (Corbin Fisher)


While Colt’s proven himself to be a stellar addition to the CF roster and we’ve seen him in some incredible action already, we took him to a whole new level here – getting railed by a buff Tom’s big dick, hot young Colt goes from being a newcomer at CF to being bent over a table that’s rattling and shaking as he gets pounded and groaning, “Oh yeah! Fuck me!”.

Colt’s body is muscular and tight, and that’s all the more apparent as every single muscle in his entire body flexes while Tom drills him. He’s one of those guys that looks like they’re on the edge of orgasm the entire time they’re going at it – as if he was ready to blow his load the instant Tom touches him at the beginning of this episode, and was completely overwhelmed by the intense sensations when he finally does blow that load with Tom’s cock pistoning in and out of his ass.

Any and everything Tom does to Colt here hits every spot, it seems, and Tom clearly knows how to give Colt what he wants. At the end of the scorching hot action here, what Colt wants his to eat up every single drop of Tom’s massive load!

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