Liam Emerson works out a huge load. (YouLoveJack)


Liam Emerson is such a cutie. This boy is certainly horny as he plays with his cock. He even plays with a dildo until he explodes a huge load all over. If you want to check out more of Liam, then be sure to click here.

Liam is a party-boy at heart but the clubs can wait until he gets off. “I always jerk-off before I go out. I hate dancing when I’m horny and the guys can wait until I’m good and ready.” Well said!

He grabs a seat in our famous orange chair and paws at his crotch through the thick fabric of his jeans. Popping the button and pulling out his thick uncut cock. Slowly stroking the thick shaft as he looks up for the camera’s approval with a glint in his eye. He kicks off his jeans and shows off his thick soccer-player legs as his perfect cock bobs back and forth at his crotch. He sits back down and lubes up a transparent dildo then aims it at his furry asshole. Gliding the tip all the way inside his body with his feet in the air. Eyes rolled back in his head as he reels at the overwhelming pleasure of anal penetration. He pumps the toy in and out of his ass then slides it out just in time to shower himself in a thick load of delicious cum. He takes a second to catch his breath then looks up at the camera with a devilish grin… Something tells me he saved just enough for the club!

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