Newbies Lukas and Gregg Meyjes don’t need trainer Kevin Warhol’s guidance. (BelAmi Online)


Newbies Lukas and Gregg Meyjes have the perfect trainer to start off their career at BelAmi Online. Kevin Warhol is experienced as much as he is sexy. The new boys prove that they don’t need any more training and get into a hot bareback scene together! Enjoy the hot action from BelAmi Online!

Kevin Warhol has the ‘hard’ job of training the new boys but its evident that newcomers Lukas and Gregg Meyjes don’t need a teacher anymore. Gregg begins the scene with soft gentle kisses and heavy touching before working over Gregg’s ass condom free. This scene shows the excitement and eagerness that our newcomers bring to the summer line up only at BelAmiOnline.

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