Truman shows Simon the ropes. (Corbin Fisher)


Simon is relatively new to Corbin Fisher and has only done a solo and guy/girl scene. Now, he is ready to try fucking a guy and luckily he is paired up with Truman. The similarities between Truman and Simon are amazing. These two fair-skinned blond studs look like they could be related.

Truman is an amazing mentor and shows Simon how hot man-on-man action can be. Enjoy watching Simon pound Truman!

Simon had himself a blast his first time out at CF, getting in to some hot guy/girl action at ACS and showing off that great body and his skills in the bedroom.  Selling him on guy/guy action took a little while, though.  As you can imagine, taking such a leap is a big deal in and of itself.  Doing so when you know there’s going to be quite an audience and there are cameras in the room makes it an even bigger deal and quite the intimidating prospect for a lot of the guys.
Thankfully for Simon and us, Truman was around to guide him along.  I didn’t quite realize it until these guys were sitting side by side on the bed at the outset of this episode, but Simon and Truman could pass for brothers!  With Truman being just a slight bit older than Simon, it’s fitting that he guides the younger “brother” along here and shows him how hot some action with another guy can be.
Truman guides Simon along perfectly in fact, taking command when he needs to and letting Simon also take the initiative at times.  All of it seems to definitely work perfectly for Simon, as his dick is hard and big and he’s ready to fuck.  Truman’s reward for being the patient, helpful tutor is that he gets to be on the receiving end of that big dick, and he most definitely enjoys that.  If Simon had any doubts or nerves about fucking another guy for us, those were out the window once he was balls deep in Truman’s hole and pounding away.

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