Nico is one hot jock! (FRATMEN)


Wow. Just wow. Nico is one hot jock! Cute in the face, sexy in the body, and hung in the pants, Nico is basically the perfect frat boy package! While his absmazing abs, pecstacular pecs, and HUGE dick are all looking great, it’s those big, brown eyes that really seal the deal! Enjoy checking out the amazingly sexy Nico!

Nico is at least partial to the idea that getting turned on requires some kind of foreplay. Sexting in the digital age is another building block to the anticipation of other preliminary sexual festivities even if that happens to be by yourself. Whatever the reason behind the madness for taking photographs of yourself really is: self indulging, building anticipation or simply a show and tell session, Nico is involved enough to make it one HOT trend.

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