Zeb fucks Truman (Corbin Fisher)


Truman is such a blond little hottie…well, he’s not little at all because he’s such a muscle stud, but you get the idea. He’s ready and willing to take Zeb’s huge, thick dick inside his muscular ass and look great while doing it! Plus he has really sexy moans. Enjoy watching Zeb pound Truman!

It’s time to get Zeb’s big, thick cock deep in Truman’s ass!  If you think you’ve heard Truman wail and moan before, and if you think you’ve seen his face contorted in pleasure before, you are in for a real treat with this episode.
Right from the get go, you can see Truman is struggling yet wholly eager to take on Zeb’s big dick.  He starts off sucking Zeb and trying as hard as he can to swallow as much of it as possible.  While he’s only able to work the head for awhile, he eventually manages to get more and more of Zeb’s cock in to his mouth and down his throat.  Truman eventually gets Zeb so horny and worked up, Zeb’s getting his tongue in to Truman’s ass so it’s ready for him to fuck.
Truman needs to slowly work Zeb’s big dick in to his ass, sitting down on it so he can control the pace.  Once that dick is balls deep in him, though, Truman can’t help but start bouncing up and down and fucking himself on that cock.  From that point forward, it’s Zeb railing Truman until the cum is blasting out all over – and especially in to Truman’s hungry mouth.

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