Vic Palmer and his three month load (Squirtz)


Vic Palmer is a fit hottie that is used to blowing loads and moving loads, since he got his sexy muscles from working for a moving company! I hate moving, but maybe if we had someone like Vic to come help us it’d be a lot more fun! In addition to his great body, Vic also has a big, long dick that is ready to explode! Enjoy his hot solo scene!

Vic Palmer is a great example of a kind of masculinity that is strong but gentle, assertive but friendly, and energetic but thoughtful. He just seems like the kind of straight boy that doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. When we saw his bulging biceps, shapely chest and huge thighs we were certain that Vic was working out at the gym. But in fact he’s a mover by trade and his shape has developed as a result of lifting fridges, washing machines and couches up and down stairs. His great body and personality get him a lot of attention from both boys and girls but as of this shooting, he’s only been with girls. And though Vic is certainly interested in sex, he’s definitely not obsessed by it. In fact, because he has been so busy the past year, he’s had very little time for it. When he did this video for Squirtz it was the first time he had cum in THREE MONTHS! If you don’t believe it’s true, we think the resulting cum shot and the gallon of cum backs up his story.

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