Southern cutie Rhett fucks Brayden. (Corbin Fisher)


This one is a bit of a triumph – we’re getting to see Rhett in some action with a guy! With his Southern twang, flawless body, and handsome face, I hoped we’d get to see this bit of action the second Rhett first arrived at CF. Thankfully, after treating us to the hot image of him in action with a girl, Rhett agreed to give topping a shot!

Knowing we wanted to make this experience as hot and as fun as possible for Rhett, we paired him up with Brayden. You can see, in the starting seconds of the action here, that was the right decision. Brayden immediately gets Rhett at ease, makes things fun for him, and even gets Rhett eager for what’s to come with his obvious enthusiasm. As Brayden sets to work stripping Rhett down and playing with his toes, Rhett just gets hornier and hornier until he can’t wait to get his cock buried in another guy’s hole.

Things exceeded expectations at that point – Rhett’s cock got totally hard and made it clear he was insanely turned on. He takes his first shot at sucking a cock, as Brayden fucks his mouth and feeds him some dick. Rhett then gets his cock buried inside Brayden balls deep, and what follows is a hot, playful, and passionate fuck that is not only everything you’d expect from Brayden breaking in a new guy, but all you’d want in a college stud experiencing hot sex with a guy for the very first time and unable to conceal that they are loving it.

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