William Travis models nude (picturethis-studios)


Hello William Travis, you sexy, sexy, studly boy you! Picturethis teases us again with only showing William’s hot face and body, but not his amazing cock…so make sure to go enjoy it on your own!

It’s hard to believe that 15 months have already passed since picturethis-studios first exclusively introduced the world to British hunk William Travis. It certainly wasn’t a surprise to hear just how popular those original hot sessions became, given the impressive size and thickness of this handsome uncut 20 year olds dick, not to mention the cool confidence with which he happily showed it off on camera! Now, in 2014 he’s back in front of the camera’s of his favourite british porn site, and ready to get even dirtier than before. His hair might be a little bit shorter this time around but his incredible cock seems to have grown even bigger than we remember! Keep pounding that sensational cock William, its good to have you back!


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