Zac West plays in the locker room (UK Hot Jocks)


Zac West is the UK exchange student of your dreams! Imagine being in college, moving into your new dorm room, and then all of a sudden…he walks in.¬†And you faint. Or at least feel like fainting. Or maybe just immediately tackling him and starting to make out. Whatever the case, Zac sure is a hot jock – enjoy watching him do what hot jocks do best!

Sweet and innocent he is not! Turbo jock Zac West is full of fire, passion and cheeky Irish charm. He loves the camera and fires looks through the lens that stun and melt the viewer. He’s a properly pretty boy, tight 8 pack, pumped tanned bod and well proportioned package. He’s so horny his thick cock is out and hard within the first 50 seconds of this movie… he just couldn’t keep it in there! Stripping and stroking he then takes his time with his meat. Slowly and steadily beating his big veiny dick. Being a top, he then goes for a clear fleshjack to wrap around his cock. The locker room is suddenly a lot hotter!

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