Jessie Montgomery fucks Travis Walker (Helix Studios)


I realize that it’s incredibly hypocritical for me to say this, but these twinks (especially Travis Walker) are in need of some sun! But not so much sun so as to take away from their sexy time…in fact, they end up cutting their tanning time short – who wouldn’t, in their case? Enjoy watching Travis get plowed by the blond, hung, and sexy Jessie Montgomery!

Jessie Montgomery and his new friend Travis Walker are taking advantage of a sizzling summer day in the city by sunning themselves on the roof. Sweaty, hot and smooth skin becomes an obvious turn on for the young models as the boys’ boners come bulging out of their speedos. After taking their aroused, hot bodies downstairs Travis kisses Jessie while undressing him. Travis loves sucking the blond boy’s thick dick until Jessie throws him on the bed where the new boy gets his ass up in the air to take Jessie’s big bareback cock in his sweet ass. With Travis moaning, Jessie cums on his hole before sticking his dick back in finish the innocent Travis off good and proper.

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