Max Dawson fucks Benjamin London (Videoboys)


Max Dawson is a straight, tattooed stud that we’ve seen in a solo once before, but this time he is back to fuck some ass! Benjamin London is just the cute twink for the job, as he works it hard to seduce Max. Enjoy watching Max plow Benjamin!

Benjamin London likes the whole game of trying to seduce straight guys. The flirting with them and pushing the straight boy out of his comfort zone and seeing how he reacts, that’s all part of the excitement. It’s not that he doesn’t like to have sex with gay boys. He does that all the time. But there’s something about the challenge of getting a straight boy to let his guard down, getting him to do something in private he would never admit to in public that creates a certain thrill. And the sex itself, well it’s never the unbridled passion that you get from a guy who admits to wanting you. No, Benjamin knows that sex with a straight guy is often missing the usual nuances you come to expect from a fully committed partner. Instead, with the straight guy, it’s all about the fact that he has a hardon, he wants to get off and Benjamin is there offering a no-strings attached solution. Forget about the kisses and the cuddling. He wants a hole to cum in and that’s what Benjamin is offering.

Max Dawson has been on Benjamin’s hit list for a few months now. Max is straight, has a girlfriend and has no intention of coming over to the gay side. But he’s got an open mind and Benjamin has been wearing him down ever since they met at the club where they both worked. In fact, at the staff Christmas party, with the alcohol flowing and the festive mood, Benjamin was able to make his first move on Max. And although he wasn’t able to take it as far as he wanted, he did break the ice. With that done Benjamin was able to convince Max to take it to the next level.

They talked it over, discussed what Max would do, what he might do, what he wouldn’t do and what he would let Benjamin do. They set the date and that’s where this video begins. Benjamin was careful to go slowly and try his best to make Max as comfortable as possible. We could see that Max was tense and holding back but Benjamin was relentless. Though Max’s mind was throwing up all kinds of caution flags, his dick was telling him “full steam ahead”. With Benjamin’s expert tongue and smooth perky ass, the outcome was pretty much inevitable. Watch Benjamin work his magic.

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