Evan Parker makes beautiful art with Alex Jordan (Helix Studios)


Don’t like art? Well, now you will! Evan Parker and Alex Jordan are checking out an art gallery when they are swept up by their feelings (and horniness). Of course, they can’t wait until they get home – they have to head to a back room to make some beautiful art together! Some beautiful, throbbing, delicious art…with abs. Enjoy watching the insanely sexy Evan plow the insanely cute Alex!

The big city becomes a fishbowl in this surprising conclusion to a city boys’ love story. Evan returns from his retreat in a perpetual state of longing. His brother Alex Greene invites him to an art show along with his neighbor Liam Harkmoore where the three stumble upon a very interesting work of art. Turns out his ex-boyfriend Alex Jordan finally found his true inspiration from heartbreak. Watch to see what brings these two lovers together again in a fit of passion so intense that Evan and Alex can’t help but sneak back to the gallery’s office and physically reconnect.

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Click here now to check out the full scene at Helix Studios.

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