Palmer plays with his massive dick! (Corbin Fisher)


Oh my goodness…18-year-old Palmer is a jock hottie with a huge cock and a pretty much perfect body! Oh what I would do to get with Palmer! I won’t waste your time with more typing – go enjoy the sexiness that is Palmer now!

I suspect there’s no real point in saying anything here – you saw Palmer’s pics, you immediately made your way to seeing his video as quickly as humanly possible, and probably aren’t even reading this. I can’t blame you! When I first saw his pics, I immediately started running around the office telling everyone we had to get him here to shoot!

Just in case you are reading, though – Palmer is 18, cute as all hell, has amazing eyes, and as if that all wasn’t enough he has himself an absolutely killer body and hot cock. He’s an avid soccer player – and a good one at that – and is also comfortable and laid-back in front of the cameras and always up for some fun.

Palmer’s a horny one too – he laughs and shares his first-time jerk off story with us, admits to masturbating most every day (and most anywhere he can) and gets laid quite often. “I’m openminded,” he says, as well. Perfect fit for CF? I think so!

Don’t miss the hot video preview below! Click here to jump there now!

Click here now to check out the full scene at Corbin Fisher.

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