Keoni shows off in the sun (Island Studs)


Keoni is a sexy, studly Hawaiian boy with a smooth, fit body, a big smile, and some really cool tattoos! Apparently, he loves lounging out in the sun, because he’s really good at looking hot and showing off his nice body! Enjoy watching Keoni jerk out a thick load under the sun!

Keoni is a sexy 20 year old native Hawaiian boy with a yummy smooth brown body, a beautiful hairless bubble butt and a handsome Hawaiian face!  His thick thighs and wide feet come from growing up on the Islands barefoot, and running along the endless sandy beaches.  As a young boy he would play soccer on the beach with his many brothers!  This local Island boy is NOT shy about stripping off his clothes outdoors and showing off for the camera!  Keoni performs nightly at a popular Hawaiian resort as a luau fire dancer.  Check out Keoni’s endless creamy native brown skin when he strips off his surf shorts!  He has delicious sun-kissed brown skin EVERYWHERE!  A real local Hawaiian boy!  This video contains many great moments of Keoni looking directly at us seductively – with his big sexy brown Hawaiian eyes.  Listen as he explains in his own words the historical meanings of his many Polynesian tribal tattoos.  A symbol of his large Hawaiian family is placed across his shoulder.  This is real Island tradition!  This friendly local Hawaiian boy represents the true meaning of ALOHA – both in and OUT of his clothes!  In our Naked Worker Series, we put Keoni to work FULL-NUDE sweeping up fallen bamboo leaves!  His delicious brown hairless skin glistens with sweat as he works outside in the hot tropical sun!  Keoni’s brown butt and thick athletic legs are seen from every angle while he sweats and works.  His THICK Hawaiian muscle butt is so yummy to watch!  Finished with his Naked Work, Keoni sits on a bench in the sun and starts jerking his brown cock and balls!   Watch as he closes his eyes and bites his lip while rubbing his body and playing with his throbbing cock and balls!  We even get to see Keoni’s brown butt hole when he leans back on the bench and opens his legs while rubbing his rock hard Hawaiian dick!  Keoni then stands up to show off more of his impressive muscular local boy butt.  The contrast of his sweet sexy brown skin against the bright blue sky and dark green banana leaves in the tropical garden is breath taking!  If you like handsome well-built Hawaiian boys, Keoni is NOT to be missed!  Watch as he squirms with pleasure while furiously jerking off his rock hard cock outdoors in the sun.  The more excited Keoni becomes the faster he jerks!  He finally sprays cum all over his sweaty tan body.  Creamy white cum on dark brown skin is a great sight!  After he cums, Keoni holds out his hard cock for us all to see –  now covered with sticky white cum.  Keoni LOVES the OUTDOOR shower!  He takes his time showering outside, slowing soaping up his fine golden skin in the bright sunlight!  He even bends over seductively, exposing his big smooth ass again as the warm water caresses his whole body!  This friendly native Hawaiian Island Stud is one yummy brown boy!  We are happy Keoni is well rooted on the Island and is here to stay!  Check out his FIRE show!

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