Andy Taylor fucks Caleb Reece (Helix Studios)


Wow, Andy Taylor sure is getting hot! My boyfriend has taken me to several sex stores, but we only ever saw one cute boy inside! Lucky twink cutie Caleb Reece walks into this sex store and amazingly hot Andy makes his move! Enjoy watching Andy plow Caleb!

Caleb Reece wanders into a Sex Boutique where he finds himself at the mercy of the mysterious and seductive Andy Taylor. Without saying a word Andy takes control of young Caleb, kissing and caressing his smooth skin before undressing the shy boy to further indulge his lustful desires. Caleb’s bubble butt turns bright red from a few well placed spanks while Andy’s abs ripple as he gives the bouncy bottom every inch of his college cock. When Andy is done having his way with Caleb he pulls out to finish off his satisfied customer with a steamy facial.


Click here now to check out the full scene at Helix Studios.

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