Kyle Ross gives Tyler Hill a hard interview. (Helix Studios)


Kyle Ross is a sexy veteran at Helix Studios and knows how to vet newbies. Today he interviews 18 year old model Tyler Hill. Tyler is nervous and stumbles through Kyle’s quirky questions. It’s obvious that Kyle isn’t impressed with Tyler and his responses. Things change quickly as soon as Kyle has Tyler take off his show. This reveals a pretty hot body with tanned skin, nice pecs and arms and rippling abs. Kyle gets even more interested in Tyler once his underwear is off. The second part of the interview quickly starts with Kyle requesting Tyler get on a bed on all fours. He immediately buries his tongue deep into Tyler’s tight hole.

With his hole wide open, Kyle fucks Tyler. Both of them moan in pleasure as the drilling ensues. Kyle then takes his turn to ride Tyler’s cock. After giving it a little whirl, Kyle wants more of Tyler’s tight hole. He has Tyler ride him. What a site it is! Tyler’s tight abs and nice pecs look so hot as he bounces up and down on Kyle’s cock. We’re happy to see newbie Tyler Hill get introduced to the Helix family and can’t wait to see more of this bisexual cutie appear in more scenes.

Besides introducing new hottie Tyler Hill to the Helix family, we are happy to announce that Helix Studios is now offering an unlimited streaming plan at only $9.95 per month! This is the perfect substitute to your binge watching of Orange is the New Black or Breaking Bad and you want something a bit sexier.


Click here now to check out the full scene at Helix Studios.

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