Tyler Rivers is an 18-year-old hottie! (Squirtz)


My boyfriend has a thing for 18-year-olds and another thing for guys in sleeveless hoodies, so I know he’ll have a thing for Tyler Rivers too! Tyler is a sexy young hottie with a variety of fairly subtle and sensuous piercings, pecstacular little pecs, and adorable face, and a wickedly-curvy cock! In other words, he’s yummy! Enjoy watching Tyler Rivers live up to his name when he blows his load!

Tyler Rivers turned 18 just a few weeks ago and his first order of business was to contact his friend Dominic Couture to find out how he could jump right into making porn. With his chiselled facial features and his lean cut body, we really thought Tyler would look great in front of the camera and we weren’t disappointed. Though Tyler is new to being naked in front of a camera, he’s no stranger to sex with boys and is very comfortable with his sexuality. One last note: Tyler has the best cumshot we’ve seen in at least two years!


Click here now to check out the full scene at Squirtz.

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