Zane Porter fucks Justin Owen (Randy Blue)


Wow, Justin Owen and Zane Porter are so hot together! I could watch them model their rockin’ bods in those sexy undies all day, every day…the undies wouldn’t even need to come off to keep me interested! Of course, it’d be preferred, though. Anyway, Enjoy watching newbie Zane Porter pound one of our favorite hotties, Justin Owen!

Justin Owen decided to break in our new resident eye candy, and break out gay porn star, Zane Porter. I took the two outside and let them have a flex off. As they each started to mug for the camera and remove their clothes, I could feel the sexual chemistry between them. They both playfully shoved each other out of the way, trying to get the spot light. Their playful rough housing ended when Zane grabbed Justin and planted big kiss on him. I knew it was time to take this shit inside. Straight stud Zane Porter had not ever had his dick inside another man before, but he told me off set, if I am going to do gay porn, I am going to go all the fuck out. And he did not disappoint. He got Justin naked and the two sucked and rimmed before Justin finally lifted his legs over his shoulders and had Zane plunge his hard cock inside of him. The two began to fuck all over the room. They ended scene doggie style where Zane fucked the cum out of Justin. Then Zane pulled out and nutted on Justin. Right after his hot white cum hit his twink ass, Zane bent down and licked it all up. Then Justin swooped around and began to suck the rest of the cum out of Zane. Look out world, Zane porter has just made his first hard core gay porn. And he is just getting started.

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