Damien Wolfe is Helix’s new mysterious hottie (Helix Studios)


Wow…that’s a big twink dick! Damien Wolfe is Helix’s newest hottie, and he’s quite the mysterious bad boy! Don’t you just want to get inside his sexy little mind…and pants? Enjoy watching Damien sneak off for a hot explosion!

Damien Wolfe introduces himself to the Helix faithful by sharing stories from his past lives as a choir boy, brooding rebel and High School heartthrob. The 21-year-old Chicago native’s deep hazel eyes and hard striking features tell their own intriguing tale while Damien recounts a few of his dark secrets including his wildest fantasy, two biggest turn-ons and why he enjoys biting so much. After a vulnerable coming out story, the Alpha Wolfe’s animalistic and carnal instincts take over as he sprawls out on the dirt floor for a smooth solo jerk off, sure to add to the allure surrounding Helix’s newest wild thing.


Click here now to check out the full scene at Helix Studios.

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