Ethan goes to the beach (All Australian Boys)


Ethan is an adorable, fit Aussie and he loves going to the beach to show off his hot body! Why can’t there ever be a boy half as cute as Ethan whenever I go to the beach!? No fair! Enjoy checking out Ethan!

Ethan has just turned 18. This very attractive/pretty young man plays many sports. Baseball, Tennis and Martial arts being amongst them. Ethan is a very sweet and softly spoken guy, with a very nice attitude to life generally. Original from South Africa, of German/Dutch background. His silky smooth beautifully proportion body and natural good looks made him a must for us to photo-shoot with. We plan to do more shoots with him.

Don’t miss the hot video preview below! Click here to jump there now!

Click here now to check out the full scene at All Australian Boys.

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