Dustin Gold fucks Ryker Madison (Helix Studios)


Ryker Madison is a clever little boy! I’m going to have to try this some time: hot guy staying over at your place, but you can’t figure out just how to flirt with him? Steal his towel while he’s showering! It’ll send a really clear message that you want to see him naked! Especially if he has a massive dick like Dustin Gold! Enjoy watching Ryker tease Dustin, followed by Dustin pounding Ryker!

Dustin Gold forgot to bring a towel to Ryker Madison’s place and after taking a shower he finds the flirty twink holding the extra towel hostage. Ryker teases Dustin and tempts him out into the bathroom where he kisses the clean young stud all the way down to his impressive 8.5 inch cock. Dustin pulls on a condom before shoving his thick dick into Ryker’s smooth ass for some erotic and hard pounding bathroom sex. They fuck standing up until Dustin moves Ryker to the floor to finish off the moaning boy.

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