Evan Parker interviews Caleb Reece (Helix Studios)


Aww, I want Evan Parker to “interview” me, too! Hell, I’d settle for a regular interview. Or even just a handshake. Or even just seeing him pass by on the street. But anyway, this is about Caleb Reece being welcomed into the Helix fold! Hooray! It must have been a lot of pressure being interviewed by Evan though! Enjoy watching how Evan tells Caleb that he’s hired!

Caleb Reece makes his Helix debut after a thorough vetting by Studio stud Evan Parker. Evan is going over the standard questions with Caleb and doing his best to size up the young man when the interview becomes increasingly seductive and Evan decides to undress with the new boy for a little twink on twink fun. Caleb seems to be guaranteed some more work after he shoots a massive load and manages to get a rise out of the usually stoic Evan who is so spent after the sex that he doesn’t bother responding to Caleb’s sly question of “So, how’d I do?”.


Click here now to check out the full scene at Helix Studios.

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